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Doing business fairly

Growing brighter futures

Our farmers deserve a good deal for their produce and here at Winfresh we work tirelessly to obtain this for them.

We work closely with the Fairtrade Foundation to help protect their livelihoods and their rights, giving them the reassurance of a sustainable future.

Here are two examples of how Fairtrade has helped our Caribbean farmers.


Ismond Monrose, St. Lucia

Ismond grows bananas in the beautiful hills of St. Lucia known as the Pitons. He took over the small, six-acre farm from his father about 20 years ago, and is extremely committed to Fairtrade. He gets a fixed price for every crate of bananas he supplies, helping him provide for his family and plan for the future. In addition, for each box of bananas, Fairtrade ensures $1 goes to his community to fund improvements and encourage farmers to diversify into alternative ways of generating income.

Ramon and Amarilis Cruz, Dominican Republic

Ramon and Amarilis have been growing bananas since 2006. They currently have four children, including their eldest son who helps them on their 3.2 hectare farm. Being a Fairtrade farmer gives Ramon peace of mind that he will get a stable income for his family. He is also an active member of his local Fairtrade group, and there have been many projects which have benefitted his community, all made possible by Fairtrade funding.

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