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Our Approach

Delicious, natural, wholesome food

With its turquoise waters, white sands, stunning mountain vistas and lush, green vegetation, we’re truly blessed to live in the Caribbean.

Life here means loving your neighbour, helping each other and sharing in nature’s wonderful bounty.

That’s why we work with local farmers, supporting both their livelihood and the communities in which they live through being a good neighbour and working directly with them to improve the output of their farms and the quality of the produce they grow.

This means we can bring you the tastiest, freshest produce, delicious foods and refreshing drinks – whilst all the time helping the Caribbean way of life to thrive.

Our Raison d'etre

Putting the Caribbean and its people first

We grew up here, and so will our children. It’s only natural that we want to protect our unique and beautiful islands, and the people who live here.

We are passionate about developing sustainable communities within a natural environment, so everybody can enjoy happier, more prosperous lives.

We have been doing this for over 40 years, and as the Winfresh business grows and we expand the range of products we sell, we will increase the amount of produce we buy and continue to invest in and support our farmers and their communities – working together to improve lives across the Caribbean.

Grown Fairly


We passionately support the principals of “fair trade”. It helps safeguard the livelihoods of our farmers and their families.

By working under these principals, Winfresh doesn’t just ensure people get a decent price for their produce, we also help rural communities thrive and develop.

U$1.00 from every box of bananas sold is invested in local activities – controlled and managed by local people. This allows investment in local school projects, improving access to healthcare and directly providing better education opportunities for the next generation. In 2016, bananas sold by Winfresh directly contributed over U$3.5million in local projects – making a real difference to the lives of our farmers and the communities they live within.

Working with the Fairtrade system of strict farming standards also helps to protect the environment in which our farmers and their communities live and work, so everybody can plan for a happier, more prosperous future in their local area.

More on Fairtrade

Our farmers

Taking care of business

By holding firm to our long term commitment of operating fairly and working directly with hundreds of farmers across the Caribbean, we help to improve their businesses and their local communities.

Together, we produce some of the most delicious fresh produce in the world – thanks also to the stunning natural environment, plenty of rain and hours of uninterrupted sunshine.

Winfresh has invested in modern production facilities to deliver some of the freshest, tastiest Caribbean foods and drinks – bringing further income and growth opportunities to our farmers and their communities.

Perfect Caribbean living.

Our focus

Getting it right first time - every time

Ensuring customer satisfaction is one of the driving forces behind Winfresh.

We know that our customers expect us to get everything right first time – every time.

Here at Winfresh we have invested in our farmers to ensure that they can grow the products you want, we have a great team looking at the quality of all of our products and an efficient supply team to get the products to you in the best possible condition – where and when you want them

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